Edge of Darkness and Blue Velvet

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📼 Welcome to Mystery Simon Theater 3000!!! 📼

If you're a fan of the VHS format, or just a physical media enthusiast, you've come to the right place. This week we are discussing Edge of Darkness and Blue Velvet with Bugbee of the Film Church Podcast!

If you wanna hear more of Bugbee's work, or you're interested in his rad Shadow Dark stories, check out the links below:

Film Church Podcast: https://filmchurch.org/

Bugbee's Shadow Dark Stories: https://magevs.monster/

This episode we talk about:

☢️ Edge of Darkness (BBC 1985) ☢️


👂🏻Blue Velvet 👂🏻

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Edge of Darkness and Blue Velvet
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